Boris Hergesic

Boris Hergesic

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First Name * Boris
Last Name * Hergesic
Username * maxalex
Country * Croatia
City Zagreb
Nationality Croatian
Languages English




After graduating from Academy of fine arts an getting Bachelor degree in sculpture I started with my transition to Computer Generated Art. In 2003 I started to work as 3d modelar in VFX studio in Zagreb,capital of Croatia.
There I could learn more about CG and further develope my skills through variaty of diferent jobs in pre and post production on various films and commercials.
This includes whole process from drawing storyboards to concpets and matte paintings, as well as building and texturing digital set, props and characters, lightning and rendering. I did also animation and compositing.
Through the years I have specialized in 3D enviroments, but also as a sculptor by vocation I have affinity for creating characters.
Recently I had the opportunity to work as 3D artist in documetary 'Croatian Kings' now shoving on Histroy channel.The documentary was produced by Croatian National Television. I was resposible for creating props, complete enviorments and characters.
As an artist I always look for oportunities to contribue and participate in interesting projects, while working with divers CG artists.


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